Gender and the Bolsheviks: A Contested Legacy

While genuine gender equality was often not achieved, it is undeniable that the October Revolution left its mark on women’s lives across the former Soviet world in ways that continue to resonate today. (A Soviet poster)

Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, one of the most contested aspects of its legacy is communism’s supposed emancipation of women.

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Philippa Hetherington is Lecturer in Modern Eurasian History at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies at University College London. Her research focuses on the cultural, social and legal history of imperial Russia, and the early Soviet Union in global and transnational contexts, as well as comparative legal history, feminist and queer theory, and the cultural history of the fin-de-siècle. She was trained at the University of Sydney and Harvard, and has taught in the US, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Gender and the Bolsheviks: A Contested Legacy

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