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What happened to the church?

Amid heightened concerns about the fate of historic cultural heritage sites in Karabakh comes news that Azerbaijan has razed a three-year-old Armenian church. Our weekly Post-War Report.
Joshua Kucera Mar 26, 2021

In post-war Armenia, spy mania running amok

Two spy scandals involving well-regarded organizations speak to Armenians’ loss of faith in the international community, as well as the opposition’s interest in taking advantage of that mistrust. Our weekly Post-war Report.
Joshua Kucera Mar 12, 2021

Post-war report: Shooting the messenger

Karabakh considers making Russian an official language, more restrictions on journalists, and Azerbaijan cracks down on illegal – and dangerous – visits to its newly retaken territories. Welcome to our new weekly column on the aftermath of the 2020 war.
Joshua Kucera Feb 19, 2021