Kazakhstan: Traffic Cop Accidentally Rams Presidential HQ in Porsche

Internet users are wondering how the offender was able to afford the car on a policeman's salary.

Photo of accident posted and widely circulated on social media.

The most trivial incidents sometimes tell the most interesting stories. Consider a curious accident that occurred overnight on January 17 in Kazakhstan’s capital.

As Astana police explained, in a statement reported by Tengri News, a man was driving a Porsche Cayenne car along a road in the center of town when he slid on the ice and careened into the gates of the presidential administration.

What appears to be the combination of poorly maintained road, possibly reckless driving and surprisingly lackluster protections around the grounds of the Ak-Orda would be noteworthy enough, but then there is also the identity of the driver. Astana police revealed that it was an inspector with the city traffic police named only as Y. Imanbekov.

Imanbekov has reportedly been fired, as has his immediate superior on grounds of “weak organization of individual educational work among subordinates.” Other officials in the same department have been given a severe dressing down.

Even an inattentive observer might object that it is hardly the lack of “educational work” that is at issue here. Rather, the question that arises is whether the car involved belonged to the offending traffic inspector. If so, that would be remarkable, given that salaries for beat police officers in Kazakhstan typically range around the $300-400 mark, while a new Porsche Cayenne costs no less than $50,000. 

Many of the comments underneath the Facebook version of the Tengri News article indeed raised this very issue. Others despaired at the perceived lawlessness prevailing among the police force.

“What a disgrace! The impunity of law enforcement officers is plain to see,” said one Facebook user going by the name Bel Bel. “The police are afraid of nothing. Not even of smashing into the Ak-Orda.”

If there is one slim consolation for the offending traffic policeman, it is that the resident of the presidential building is currently on a working visit in the United States.

Kazakhstan: Traffic Cop Accidentally Rams Presidential HQ in Porsche

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