Turkmenistan Economic News

Prices in Turkmenistan Continue to Increase
On July 13, beef prices in Turkmenistan rose by 18 – 40 manat per kilo (6,20 - 13,90 USD). Ashgabat’s authorities warned meat vendors about liability for violating pricing policies, and the vendors stopped selling instead of decreasing the prices. Meat also disappeared in rural areas, where authorities tried to force vendors to keep the prices down. The vendors shut their shops and sold meat on the black market for higher prices.
Source: centralasiaonline.com 

Air Fare Grows Significantly in Turkmenistan
On July 12, prices for flights operated by the Turkmen national airlines, “Turkmenhowayollary,” skyrocketed. Now a return economy class ticket with a fixed date Ashgabat-Moscow costs $620. Before, economy class tickets for the same route were sold at $250, and business class tickets for $450. A return ticket with an open date (valid throughout the year) to Moscow now costs 1075 manats ($598), whereas the day before it could have been purchased for 390 manats ($137). Prices for air tickets Ashgabat-Bangkok-Ashgabat increased from $245 to $563. Staff members of “Turkmenhowayollary” booking offices say that there are no tickets available for international flights until 5 September. Airfares for domestic flights increased by 12%. According to an employee of the airlines “Turkmenhowayollary,” the reason behind the sharp increase is a shortage of funds: “There is no money to pay salaries to pilots and crew, there are no funds available for the maintenance of equipment including aircrafts.”
Source: chrono-tm.org 

Turkmenistan Abolished Flour Subsidies

As of July 7, people in Turkmenistan can no longer purchase rations of flour for subsidized prices. Previously, rations of 5 kilos of flour per person cost 40 tenge ($0,14) per kilo. Now a kilo of locally produced flour costs 1 manat ($0,35). In the provinces, these subsidies are very important, as unemployment is high and many families subsist on cheap flour.
Source: chrono-tm.org

Turkmenistan’s New Export Product - Wheat

Turkmenistan has been exporting wheat for two years now. This year the country harvested over 1.200.000 tons of wheat.
Source: Turkmenistan.ru 

Iran Exported 1 Million Liters of Oil Products to Turkmenistan - IRNA
According to the Iranian news agency IRNA, the Director of the special economic zone Serakhs, Mohammed Mehdi Moravvedzh-ash-Sharie, said that Iran exported by rail the first batch of fuel – 20 railroad tank cars, which is equivalent to 1 million liters of petroleum products, from Serakhs to Turkmenistan.
Source: gundogar.org 

Afghanistan Imports Turkmen Electricity

Afghanistan’s Cabinet of Ministers announced the launch of a project to import electricity from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan. This will improve the life of 500,000 inhabitants in Jowzjan province, Afghan television said July 12. The project foresees the construction of a substation with capacity of 800 MW in Andkhoy (Faryab province). It will provide electricity to the provinces of Sari Pul, Faryab, Balkh, and Samangan, according to the Afghan Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Mohammad Ismail Khan. The report stated that the project is worth $225 million and will be carried out with financial support from the Asian Development Bank.
Source: trend.az 

Turkmenistan Economic News

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