Uzbekistan: Head of Press Agency Reportedly Jailed

Uzbekistan’s top official in journalists circles, the general director of the state agency for press and information, has reportedly been arrested on charges of embezzlement.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s Uzbek service, Ozodlik, reported on August 24 that 57-year old Amanullo Yunusov was taken into custody by officers of the National Security Service and is being held in a prison cell in Tashkent.

Ozodlik cited unnamed sources as saying that Yunusov was detained on August 22. 

The investigation against Yunusov is related to a probe against the Uzbekistan printing house, which operates under the auspices of his agency, Ozodlik reported.

The Tashkent city prosecutor and the Finance Ministry have reportedly audited the Uzbekistan printing house and found a shortfall of 2.2 billion sum (about $350,000 at the black market rate) on the books.

Yunusov’s agency is said to have large financial resources at its disposal to fulfill state orders on the publication of political literature and school and college textbooks. Misuse of those funds is rumored to run high.

One businessman working in the printing business, who asked EurasiaNet.org to be identified just as Lutfulla, said that the press and information agency buys its paper abroad in foreign currency bought at the official rate. Freedom to buy foreign currencies is not one granted to most private companies. 

"The agency gets benefits and preferential treatment from the state, so there is a temptation to misappropriate public funds,” Lutfulla told EurasiaNet.org.

In addition to being responsible for issuing operating licenses to the media, the press and information agency monitors print publications, broadcasters and other media outlets to ensure they comply with government-approved standards, in effect acting as the ultimate state censor.

Yunusov, who was still identified at the agency’s general director as of August 25, was appointed in January 2013 by presidential decree. 

Uzbekistan: Head of Press Agency Reportedly Jailed

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