Georgian election part deux: the billboard war

Giorgi Lomsadze Nov 26, 2018
GD billboard "No to Nazis," reads a billboard by Georgia's ruling Georgian Dream party, targeting their rivals the United National Movement ahead of runoff presidential elections. (photo: Giorgi Lomsadze)

“No to the Nazis!” scream billboards across Georgia as they depict a malevolent-looking former president Mikheil Saakashvili, surrounded by his loyalists, their faces contorted in menacing grimaces against a blood-red backdrop.

For some Georgians, mooning is a continuation of politics by other means

Giorgi Lomsadze Nov 13, 2018

Members of an eccentric Georgian political group have collectively flashed their behinds at Russian border guards, and say they will keep doing so to protest Russia’s military presence in Georgia’s breakaway territories. With their attention-grabbing act, the libertarian Georgian party Girchi (Pine Cone) displayed – along with its members’ nether regions – its intent to keep pushing the boundaries of Georgia’s political no

Georgian government throws epic bridal shower

Giorgi Lomsadze Nov 9, 2018
Knight in Panther's Skin Copies of the epic poem, The Knight in the Panther's Skin, at a Georgian Ministry of Justice event rolling out a program to award the book to all newlyweds in the country. (photo: Ministry of Justice of Georgia)

If you are an eligible Georgian bachelorette with no dowry, worry not: the government has you covered. Under a new initiative from the Ministry of Justice, all newlyweds will get a copy of the national epic poem – The Knight in the Panther’s Skin – as a gift or, as the Ministry has phrased it, a “dowry,”

Everyone wants to be president of Georgia

Giorgi Lomsadze Oct 23, 2018
Saluashvili Mikheil-Gela Saluashvili, one of Georgia's many long-shot presidential candidates, in his Facebook profile photo.

“The Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is almost upon us and in times like these it is imperative that the president of Georgia is the agent of God’s will on earth.” Such is the electoral platform of Mikheil-Gela Saluashvili, a candidate for president in Georgia.

Assassinations by poison? Russia points the finger at Georgia

Giorgi Lomsadze Oct 19, 2018

“You have to feel sorry for our Western friends,” a prime-time host on Russia's First Channel said with evident irony. “Just think about it: You are friends with this nice Georgian guy; you call him Batono Mishiko; you drink wine together… and then it turns out that he is a murderer,” the host, Kiril Kleimyonov, said on the October 18 edition of the show Vremya.

Moscow stirs fear of American germs

Giorgi Lomsadze Oct 12, 2018
Lugar Lab he Richard G. Lugar Center for Public Health Research, outside Tbilisi, is purportedly the mothership in a network of U.S. bioweapons labs in the post-Soviet space, according to Russian government officials. (photo: U.S. Army Lt. Col. Jamie Blow)

The onset of fall has brought to Russia, as it often does, flu and conspiracy theories. Back in the news is Moscow’s seasonal talk of an imminent American biological attack, to be launched from medical research labs in Russia’s neighborhood.