Tbilisi Metro Collapse Evokes Memories of the Dark 90s

Giorgi Lomsadze Feb 7, 2018
tunnel A track on the Tbilisi metro. The transit network had been coming out of the dark era of the early post-Soviet period, but a roof collapse in a station reminded our correspondent of the bad old days. (Photo by MazBenidze via Wikimedia Commons)

A suspended ceiling in a Tbilisi metro station collapsed on January 30, injuring 14 commuters in the worst transit accident in the city's recent memory. Eyewitnesses recounted scenes of panic, with commuters running for their lives up the escalators to escape the falling panels.

Georgia: US-Funded Media Outlet Grapples with Controversy

Giorgi Lomsadze Jan 24, 2018
Radio Tavisupleba The Georgian Service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, currently in a dispute with management over a plan to affiliate with a partisan TV network.

An in-house controversy within Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is spilling into the public following the reported refusal of the international news network’s Georgian service to form a partnership with Georgia’s private television stations. The proposal has raised the Georgian staff’s concerns that association with highly partisan local stations could cast a pall on the credibility of RFE/RL’s reporting in Georgia.

Of Saakashvili, His Son and Khinkali

Giorgi Lomsadze Jan 18, 2018
khinkali Screenshot of a YouTube video in which 12-year-old Nikoloz Saakashvili demonstrates the proper way to eat Georgia's national treasure, the khinkali.

Khinkali and Mikheil Saakashvili are among Georgia's best known brands. Combine the two and you get an instant online hit, as was the case with a video filmed by the former Georgian president featuring the iconic, but tricky-to-eat, dumplings.

Tamada Travels: Ukraine’s Toilet History Museum

Giorgi Lomsadze, Nikoloz Bezhanishvili Jul 3, 2015
image Ukraine's toilet museum.

At first, it might appear a political statement:

“Pecunia non olet (“Money does not smell”),” staff tells you at a museum dedicated to the history of toilets in Kyiv, Ukraine.

But the motto, which Roman Emperor Vespasian supposedly said after imposing a tax on public urinals, is only another part of the toilet trivia and bathroom paraphernalia on display at this unusual exhibit.